Saturday, July 10, 2010

“There were so many fewer questions when stars were still just the holes to heaven...”

My mind and heart are still reeling from the surgical mission I went on last month.

I've always dreamed of spending my life making people smile ... And this was the ultimate dream.

Yet, this experience has made me question everything. Every choice I must make. Every dream I have. Every passion I want to pursue. And most distressing, what should be my next move?

Living in Los Angeles for the past year has clearly appeased my appetite for big city living. Now, this city just seems like a joke. Most people driving around in their BMW's, searching for money, fame and their next fling. So vapid and shallow... Of course there are benefits to living here - which I can't discount. There are endless opportunities for so many professions... And I really am excited to explore my photography path here. Nevertheless, after experiencing an Op Smile mission, everything else seems a bit frivolous.

I promise you, I AM a generally optimistic person, it's just that the 10 days I spent in Kenya changed me. The volunteers changed me. They were the most beautiful people I have ever met. And so were the children. They are all such inspirations. The smiles, the love, the warmth and joy - all so infectious and sincere. It's no wonder my father retired from Plastic Surgery to dedicate his life to Operation Smile. If only I could do that...

As I ponder my life, I wanted to share the slideshow from the Nairobi Mission. What a delight to have my work be part of such an incredible organization. Enjoy! :)



  1. i have always wanted to do something like Operation Smile. i'm almost finished with nursing school and i can't wait to do something like this! so jealous!

  2. know how I feel about LA. I think you can be happy anywhere if you need to be, but think that now is a great time to explore other cities/states and find something that feels like home. Opportunity will exist anywhere for you. If you want to take amazing photos, you can do that anywhere. Take time to travel. Explore a little bit. You will find your place. I know it.

  3. It's actually nice to hear someone give that kind of commentary on the city. I often find myself wishing I was in the hustle and bustle trying to make it...but why? Your story really puts things into perspective! Thanks for sharing. I hope I'll get to be a part of something like that someday.

    Also, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog :)

  4. Thank you for follow me, I'm following you now :-)

  5. i really like the idea of us packing up and moving to london....i think we'd really like it (said in my terrible british accent).

    but while you're here, do as i do, just try and find the beauty in every little thing you can. it will keep you alive and smiling.

    love you madly!